NEW Memorial Paint

DSC_0035ProTec Arts is a revolutionary memorial paint with a unique 10 year warranty, specifically designed to withstand adverse conditions without compromising lustre or finish.

ProTec Arts is the paint solution every monumental mason has been waiting for. Unlike existing enamels which do not last, colour fade and can easily be removed, ProTec Arts is warranted for a minimum of 10 years.

Manufactured exclusively in the UK, ProTec Arts paint comes in a large variety of colours including a Gold Leaf Effect. As our paint system is guaranteed, the memorial will not have to be replaced every few years due to colour damage.

The product has been specially formulated to prevent UV damage as well as weather conditions including our Gold Leaf equivalent which we call Memorial Gold. All our products carry full warranties and testing which are now sold worldwide.

A British product specially manufactured for Pro tec arts. We constantly continue to develop this product to achieve new colours and effects that customers require giving the same weathering warranties.

ProTec arts can has been used on a wide range of memorials including memorials for the RAF, pet memorials and home nameplates.